Emily Duncan
Identity crisis Healer/Self Love coach

I am an Energy work practitioner/life coach, I specialize in identify crisis specifically with ages 13-29. I have a gift for working with mental illness. I love working alongside medical professionals in aiding in the treatment of eating disorders, suicide, and addictions. I feel so pulled to love these people. I love working with people who feel depressed and anxious and enjoy showing them and giving them an option of hope and happiness. I have overcome my own mental disabilities and I would love to share the relief and healing I have had! 
I am not a replacement for a traditional certified therapist, medical needs, and doctor prescriptions. I am just a second source of health for a more aggressive approach to healing.
I am certified with my master's in ICRT Reiki, Crystal therapy, lighthouse healing arts, The Remedy Technique, and I am the founder and owner of Spirit Avenue and Essence Healing!

I am married to an amazingly supportive husband and have a baby girl, named Sophia. I grew up in a family of 6 girls, being the oldest, I feel confident handling chaos and managing my life well.

I have been doing energy work since I was 14 years old when I first had the passion to help myself and others. I started taking on clients at the age of 17. I was certified to do reiki in 2014 (although I do tend to use talking to move energy more than I use my hands). I also have gifts of being able to use essential oils to heal and repair not just the physical body, but the emotional and spiritual energies as well. I use Doterra essential oils as I am a distributor for them; but I am also open to, and occasionally use, young living and butterfly express.

I am not certified in emotion code, however, I have been doing that for 6 years, and I know how to do it, and do it well. I can feel chakras and aura's and understand how to clear and repair them through my work.

At the heart of my healing, I love working on identity crisis! This can mean anything that you have mistaken for your identity which causes a person to fall out of love with themselves. I can push through blocks and belief systems rapidly while creating a new path and set a course of action. I hope that you would never leave one of my sessions feeling unfinished, unless I otherwise tell you, as I make it a point to get the most healing done possible. I only see as far as the subconscious and conscious mind lets me see and I am very responsible and respectful with my gifts. I am a strong empath and use this gift to make sure the truth is welcomed and to make sure my clients feel safe. 

I am so passionate about what I do! This is a very humbling and challenging experience for me. I have only the best intentions with my coaching and business. My goals are to make sure every area of my life is approved by God, especially my work. I feel divinely pulled to “feed his sheep” and I work hard to make sure I am doing it according to his will. I do know how to teach energy work to those non-religious, though that is not as familiar or as comfortable to me. I'm looking to further my talents and one day open up my own energy work medical clinic. 
If you feel driven to take another step to heal and you’re motivated to make a change in your own life, I would feel honored to work with you.