The Remedy Technique

The remedy Technique is a new Energy Healing technique from Essence Healing designed to help even the newest of energy workers! The simplicity of the craft, paired with the depth of the content, makes it perfect for not only beginners but also advanced energy healers! You can use this technique to heal yourself, groups, and others! Whether you are interested in charging and making your career or just choosing to help yourself and your family, the remedy technique is an amazing tool that will truly benefit your life!

GOLD: This is our premium package for individuals who really want to understand energy healing, the ins and outs, and in-betweens! We go in-depth and talk about all the details, leaving you feeling confident and informed!

SILVER: This program is designed with proficient energy healers in mind. Those who are seeking a second modality or who has been an energy healing practitioner for over 2 years.

Healing Heart Theory

Are you ready to heal your past relationships? Do you find yourself troubled and frustrated with connection? Do you notice that you want richer and happier relationships but always seem to have the opposite? This program is for you! In this program, we deep dive into dysfunctional habits into relationships. We have individuals uncover what they are doing to contribute to their unhealthy relationships, thus stopping the cycle. Stop feeling enslaved and hurt in your connections and start to actually thrive!

This is a podcast that gives so many tips and tricks that I have learned in the past five years on how to truly came to love myself! Not only do we delve in deep into why someone might not love themselves and what is holding themselves back from self-love, but as a bonus, I throw in real-talk about boundaries and how to heal your relationships past or present! You will get access to my amazing Facebook group around the subject where you will be free to ask questions and hop on lives! 

What you will get:

-In-depth understanding of why you do not love yourself, and how to heal it TODAY!

-one voice chat message clearing/healing sessions from me!

-one Healy session (gold)

-join our Facebook discussion group

-Journal prompts and accountability check-ins for 1.5 weeks!

-access to “the art of self-love” podcast

-2 mindfulness meditations on finding where you belong and grounding, and generational chain-breaking!

-BONUS: Boundaries podcast, healing past and present relationships through understading boundaries

Coming Soon ~ Spirit Personalities


Your brains main goal is to keep you SAF
Coming Soon ~ Healing Heart Theory 

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