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Empowering The Whole YOU

About Energy Work

We specialize in a different approach to health. Alternative and holistic services that help you understand the energetic and spiritual issue to send you home feeling enlightened and empowered. Energy healing is the process of healing the energy to maintain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. We recognize that the medical system has its place, but may be incomplete; our goal is to ADD a new way of healing to the overall system for greater health and care.

We are NOT a replacement for traditional therapy services and medical care.


We have many different groups that incorporates energy healing! Services, products, certifications, and memberships are all a big part of what we do! We believe true healing comes from a place of love and integrative, holistic approaches like eastern and alternative medicine. We work as humbly as possible to help you discover the truth behind all ailments.


Our Mission
Our goal is to educate what energy healing is, through teaching how it works and showing the benefits, and  educating everyone on how it can can help you.
Through connecting energy healers all around the globe and providing potential clients access to an abundance of energy workers with ease. Here clients can connect with a variety of energy healers at the click of a button!

Free and discounted sessions are given out regularly on our Facebook and Instagram!



IEWA: About Us!
So what is the IEWA? What does it do? How can it help you?

The IEWA is a (non profit organization) directory for all known and unknown energy healers, we aim to connect others to their perfect clients and help energy workers be better energy workers!

As a committee member you get many benefits, including advertising! We will post your events through our Facebook page, guide people to the right healers, and help educate what energy healing truly is. You also get access to our unlimited promotion posts on the -holistic healing community page- 👇

We will also host retreats for healers and non-healers, as we aim to help energy workers become better energy workers & as we teach others how to help themselves and their loved ones.

If you’re interested in joining, please fill out our form through our website!

or click HERE